OlliOlli skating to the PS Vita later this year

OlliOlli is a Playstation Vita skateboarding title due for release later this year. Look inside for more: 

Like skateboarding games? Roll7 is creating a game exclusively for our Vitas. What is it similar to? John Ribbins, lead game designer at Roll7 says "that it leans closer to skater than infinite runner and that there is a lot more emphasis on tricks, combos and score than there is on distance!"

Some more details about OlliOlli from their home page are as follows: 

OlliOlli mixes addictive one-button-one-life infinite runner gameplay with the trick and combo mastery of skateboarding games like Tony Hawk. Skate as far as you can, as fast as you can while racking up the biggest and coolest combos along the way. 

The whole game is hand drawn in pixelly loveliness, which is no mean feat considering the game contains over 100 skateboarding tricks as well as grinds, slams and a bunch of environments.

Infinite, randomly generated levels.
100s of different unique obstacles.
5 different stages, from Urban London to Arizona Junkyard.
Customizable characters
100+ tricks and grinds.
Simple but deep trick system
Global high-scores and online competitions
Tons of challenges and awards.
Sick Sound track featuring Mizz Beats, LeftLane Cruiser and Bo Ningnen to name but a few...

Funded by Sony, OlliOlli will be hitting the digital store in late 2013. They also have a booth at E3, so we will report back to you in a couple of weeks with some more news. 


Here is a really early clip of the action

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