Men’s Room Mayhem Aims For Your PS Vita This Week

Is Vita’s newest Indie game #1 or a #2 for you? Details inside…

At first when I glanced at this title I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Of course, with all things, a second look may change your perspective a bit. I was intrigued by the publisher’s reason for creating such a bizarre title:

Phil Gaskell, Creative Director, Ripstone:
“ I realised I was subconsciously following a set of rules for using the little boy’s room. If there was nobody in there I used the urinal furthest from the door, I always left a gap of one urinal between me and anyone else in there and if I couldn’t leave a gap I used the cubicle! Nobody ever taught me this, not my Dad or my friends, it was a set of behaviors I picked up over time — or perhaps it’s more deep-rooted than that. This sort of psychology fascinates me, so I thought it might be fun to make a game of it – partly to see how many other guys don’t realize they follow the rules, and partly to let all the ladies know us fellas have a certain code of conduct in our washrooms too y’know!”

The game, due out this Tuesday, is similar to Flight Control, where you, as a janitor, have to direct patrons of a restroom to open urinals, stalls, and sinks. Although the price is not listed yet, I am guessing it is going to be under $5.

Let us know below what you think about Men’s Room Mayhem. Play or Flush?

Images from the US Playstation Blog.

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