Japan Rates PS Vita As Mediocre

A survey conducted by Famitsu has revealed that Japanese owners are optimistic about the PS Vita but consider it as a mediocre device, more details inside.........

In March Sony shifted over 200,000 PS Vita's but this doesn't necessarily mean customers are happy with the PS Vita. Japanese gaming giant Famitsu conducted a survey and asked PS Vita owners to rate the PS Vita out of a 100 and provide comments on what they thought of the device.

Famitsu then tallied the results and gave the PS Vita a 74.92/100. 42% of the owners say that they are satisfied with the device.

One Japanese user shared his thoughts on Sony's handheld:
"Sony seems to be pushing the social features of the device, but to me that's a lot of functionality I don't need, Also, the interface is non-intuitive and hard to use. It's difficult to tell what the icons mean, and what little text-based explanation there is includes a lot of Vita-specific jargon that's easy to get confused with."
Another user claimed that software was the issue:
"There is a better selection of interesting software now, but I think there's still too few of them, I'd really like to see some kind of big title that I'd want to recommend to people that don't own the Vita."
The last user praised the device for its variety of AAA titles:
"Being able to play fully fleshed-out titles like these on a portable system easily is really great; I don't use my PS3 much any longer. I'm hoping for better things from it in the future, in apps as well as games." 
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