Game-Informer Teases “Surprisingly Big PS Vita Show at E3”

Are these the tell tale signs of the revitalization of our beloved handheld, or just hyperbolic marketing tactics?, more details inside........

Regardless of what you believe, lately there have been tweets and rumours flying to set the stage for E3 in a couple of weeks.

Andrew Reiner, executive editor at Game Informer, recently tweeted about a “surprisingly big show at E3.”

Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, also tweeted about an “AMAZING big title coming to Vita.” Yes, caps to the “amazing” even.

What does that mean to us? Another Assassin’s Creed? The Last Guardian on Vita? Or even GTA?

All to be revealed shortly. Well, June 11-13. Enough time to adequately prepare yourself for the surprising, amazing, and fantabulous weeks ahead.

Let us know what games you think Sony are preparing for E3 in the comments below!


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