Epic Mickey 2 on Vita: June release date and enhanced features

Looking for another Vita game to play? Are the new features on Epic Mickey 2 enough to draw you in? More about those inside...

Epic Mickey 2 from Disney Interactive was released at the end of 2012 for the PS3, and now it is to be released into the PS Vita digital library. How soon? June 18th soon.
Is this release enough to grab your money? How about these added features that take advantage of the Vita’s capabilities:

Ad hoc network functionality to encourage co-op play
Touch controls to control paint, thinner and Oswald’s electric beam
Tilt controls to adjust the camera and to steer during driving sequences

The US PS Blog also says: “You’ll find added touch screen functionality elsewhere; use it to give instructions to AI, select/drag/drop sketches, burst bubbles and projectiles, and navigate all menus.”

This is a non disk release, so start making room on your memory card.

Paint this!

What do you think? Are you too hard-core for this game? Is this perfect for you and your kid? Comment below:

Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/05/23/epic-mickey-2-on-ps-vita-this-june-with-enhanced-features/

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