DBrand Carbon Fibre PS Vita Skin Review

The dawn of a new portable console always welcomes many enthusiasts wanting to set their PS Vita apart from the rest. Dbrand cases do just that, Full review/discount code inside...........

When I first got my PSP in 2005 in order to set mine apart from everybody else's I purchased a cheap black carbon fibre skin from eBay. To my dismay when it arrived all it accomplished was make my PSP look cheap and tacky. The skin was of bad quality due to it being made with horrible quality 3mil printable vinyl (the cheapest printable skin material)

However now with the PS Vita I finally decided to purchase a skin to set mine apart from the rest. I looked around and researched quite a bit as I did not want to engage in a fiasco similar to the PSP incident. To my dismay while looking around all I found again was fake 3mil skins from websites such as DecalGirl and eBay.

But finally I found a skin from a small company titled DBrand. I ordered a white Carbon Fibre front and rear skin. I ordered the skin due to Dbrand being the only company to use actual 3mil skins instead of the cheap looking 3mil skins.

The skin is easily one of the best looking skins I have every come across. The material use is the same as wraps used for carbon fiber hoods and trunks in auto shows. The thickness is upwards of 8-9mil. The texture, as you will see with the samples, are truly genuine. The metal really feels and looks like brushed titanium. The carbon fiber has 9 weaves in each zig-zag, versus 5 weaves in the 1080 series material. They are meant for 4 years of outdoor weather resistance and nearly impossible to scratch.

The material is truly exquisite honestly It has to be one of the best quality skins I have come across.

The skin seems to waste quite a bit of material. As soon as it arrives in the post you have to remove a good 5 inches of the skin and simply just throw it away, not sure why the 5 inches included in the package.

Final Thoughts:
Because of my admiration of the skin and general value for money I have decided to partner with the company as I have always wanted to provide our many visitors with some good PS Vita accessories. We do not make any money on the skins you order, instead we would like to give a company whose work is under appreciated the recognition it deserves. The skin reminds me of the Lamborghini Aventador for some reason, maybe its the white on black colours scheme. DBrand also offer materials such as leather. Click the banners to go to their site and choose what you prefer!

DBrand also offers many colours and materials such as red leather and more!

The Skin has a Lamborghini Aventador Look to it. Its also Carbon Fibre like The Lambo :)

So with our partnership you can get over 20% off DBrand Skin orders with the code PSVitaHub  instead of wasting your money of those cheap and tacky eBay/Decalgirl skins. 

And if you click on the banner in the top right corner and comment below with which material you want we might even give 1 or 2 away to our visitors :)

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