Capcom Has "No Plans" To Release Monster Hunter On PS Vita

Monster Hunter can make or break the PS Vita, unfortunately it turns out Monster Hunter will not be coming to the PS Vita anytime soon, more details inside.........

Monster Hunter on PSP was easily one of the PSP's biggest selling points (according to the Japanese) however after almost a year of PS Vita titles Capcom's refusal to bring Monster Hunter to the platform comes as a shock. Even the Nintendo 3DS received 2 Monster Hunter games.

When Capcom’s Associate Online/Community Specialist Yuri L. Araujo was asked on an online forum whether Monster Hunter will hit the PS Vita anytime soon he replied with:
“no plans for a PSVita Monster Hunter at the moment.”
Remember Monster Hunter could still hit the PS Vita sometime soon however there will most likely be a long wait.

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