Sony: PS4 Is "Very important" To PS Vita

Playstation UK Boss reveals how with PS4 PS Vita will go "above and beyond iOS and Android", more details inside..........

When NowGamer asked Playstation UK Boss Fergal Gara how important is PS4 to PS Vita he replied with:
"How important is it to PS4? I almost feel in a way, it’s how important is PlayStation 4 to PS Vita. I think the answer there is very."I think it was a big, big step for PS Vita, what was announced last night. We often use the adage PS Vita was aiming to be a PS3 in your pocket. What we saw last night is actually, it’s more than that. It’s a PS4 in your pocket."

Fergal also revealed that PS Vita will be able to outperform iOS and Android Apps:
"But PlayStation Vita plays an important role, I guess, in the broader integrated ecosystem if you like. The things that will be possible on Vita will go above and beyond what will be possible on companion app stuff on iOS and Android because of its power and capability." 

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