Gamer Angry At Sony For Misleading Memory Card Description

US Gamer Lewis recently alerted the public of Sony's misleading PS Vita 32GB memory card description, more details inside.........

The Product description for Sony's 32GB PS Vita memory card states that it can store over 9,000 songs:

But Lewis quickly discovered that the memory card can only store 4,000 songs until an error message is displayed informing the user that they have exceeding the number of songs they can store in "Music" Even though the memory card should still have around 15GB of free space.

Lewis then contacted Sony customer support one representative claimed that there is no restriction, another representative advised Lewis to purchase another memory card for the rest of his music collection instead of actually helping him.

Sony's website now reaffirms the 4,000 mp3 file restriction "How many tracks can I save?"

Let us know if you are angry at Sony for this in the comments below!


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