PS Vita Receives A Price Cut In Japan

Big day for Vita news! Yesterday, Sony hosted a live stream regarding updates on the PlayStation Vita. More details inside............

The Sony PlayStation Vita gets an expected price drop for stores in Japan. Both versions of the console will now be priced at ¥19,980, approximately $215/£140. This move is similar to Nintendo's 3DS price drop to make the console more accessible to users. The price is expected to drop this month-end, February 28th, along side the release of the free-to-play software Phantasy Star Online 2 and Ice Silver Vita Model we previously reported. If the price drop wasn't enough for Japan, players can get the PlayStation Plus service for a free week between the period of Feb. 28 to Mar. 18.

Are you glad about the news? Can we expect more sales of the Playstation Vita? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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