Konami Hints At Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD For PS Vita

Konami have said that Peace Walker HD may come to the PS Vita, more details inside.........

Currently Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was not available in the HD Collection for PS Vita. However recently a comment on PS Blog suggests that we may be getting some sort of Peace Walker port sometime soon.

When asked about Peace Walker on the PS Vita on PS Blog Dalton Link, Social Media Manager at Konami, said this:
You may see MSF infiltrate the Vita in the near future. Stay tuned!
MSF stands for Militaires Sans Frontières, yes it sounds like gibberish but MSF was a huge aspect of Peace Walker, so we may be seeing some sort of HD port on the PS Vita sometime soon.

Let us know what you think of Konami excluding Peace Walker from the HD collection in the comments below!


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