Stranger's Wrath HD Developer: "Performance was a big challenge"

Oddworld Inhabitants the developers of Stranger's Wrath HD talk PS Vita development, more details inside..........

When asked about PS Vita development Stewart Gilray one of the developers had this to say:
“Performance was the biggest thing really; we didn’t want to compromise the game by doing a half-arsed job getting it on there with a low frame rate, so we spent probably 4-5 months on nothing but optimizing: an example being that the PS3/PC versions have 5 render passes, and the VITA has 2 render passes, as well as a bunch of other stuff. One of the nice things about the VITA was knowing we had a widescreen display so could redesign parts of the UI to fit the complete screen,”

Stewart was also asked what he thought of the rear touchpad:
“Well, we worked on a couple of different things for that, like rope climbing, rowing the boat, punching and binocular zooming. However we’ve found that a lot of people just don’t like the rear touch pad, so we’re adding in an alternate control that negates its usage at all,” 

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