PS4 Controller Expected To Emulate PS Vita

Some details have surfaced regarding Sony's PS4 controller design, more details inside...........

For the PlayStation 4, Sony is thought to be changing the design of the DualShock controller quite drastically, though. Two sources have confirmed that the PS4 controller will attempt to emulate the controls offered on the PS Vita, while at the same time adding biometrics and a display.

If true, and we must stress this is just speculation and rumor, we could see a very different looking DualShock shipping with the console. If it emulates the PS Vita, we’ll see a touch panel added to the rear of the controller, and a touchscreen LCD on the front. Adding biometric sensors will likely mean a more “grippy” controller to ensure at least a couple of your fingertips are in constant contact with the sensors.

Adding such new functionality could mean we end up with a controller that looks a lot like the Wii U GamePad, but with the styling of the PS Vita. Such a pad is also going to cost significantly more to manufacture and would see the price of the PS4 remain quite high through its lifetime. Buying an additional controller is also going to be more expensive if this actually happens.

Does Sony need to do this? I can’t see the real benefit, personally. The biometric sensors could add something, but then they could be added without much of a DualShock design change.It’s also worth reminding everyone Sony did file a patent for biometric controllers back in November 2011, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them using the tech. We may even get one that’s capable of turning hot and cold.

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