Japan Gets Sony DVR System For PS Vita

PS Vita owners in Japan will be receiving special DVR software, more details inside.........

The external digital recorder named "nasne" can be accessed through the PlayStation Store. Since all of the different names can get confusing, torne (pronounced "TOR-neh") is the name of the interface software, and nasne (pronounced "NAS-neh") is the external digital tuner/recorder. Users in Japan who download "torne PlayStation Vita" can use their Vita as a remote interface for nasne. What this does is allow users to wirelessly stream, record, and copy programs to the PS Vita.

torne PlayStation Vita is free until February 27, 2013. After that day, it will cost 800 yen (about $9.32). In North America it will cost nothing....Because you won't be getting it :P

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