Current Build of Dead or Alive 5 Plus Almost Runs At 60FPS

Yosuke Hayashi reveals how Dead or Alive 5 Plus development is going, more details inside.........

According to Famitsu’s event report of the tournament, Dead or Alive 5 and 5 Plus producer Yosuke Hayashi said that the team originally did not plan to develop a PlayStation Vita version.

However, after having heard from numerous fans that they’d like to be able to play Dead or Alive 5 even while on the go, the team eventually decided that a port was worth a shot.

“It’s still in the development phase, but right now the current build we have runs at almost 60 frames per second,” Hayashi-san said.

“We do not want the Vita port be seen by players as being inferior to the console versions, so we want to keep the game’s high-quality visuals and have it run silky smooth.”

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