24/7 Wall Street Calls PS Vita "one of the worst product flops of 2012"

Financial blog 24/7 Wall Street ranks the PS Vita as one of the worst flops of 2012 placing it alongside products such as Apple Maps and the Dodge Dart, more details inside.........

"By the end of February, the company announced it had sold approximately 1.2 million units, followed by an additional 2 million units of software for the handheld game console," writes Samuel Weigley. "Yet sales quickly declined. From its release date to June 30, just 2.2 million PlayStation Vita units were sold, far less than the 3.6 million units Nintendo 3DS sold in just its first month.

"Recently, Sony has clumped sales of the Vita and its predecessor, the PSP, together to avoid highlighting embarrassing sales figures. Frequent complaints about the Vita were that the $300 price tag was too expensive and that its game lineup was both weak and small, especially given the availability of cheaper gaming through smartphones and tablets."

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