Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Q&A

Youtube user stricktmachine1, the person who has been uploading Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified gameplay has given us some insight on the game, more details inside..........

Visually, how does Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified compare to other Vita games?
I’m pleasantly surprised at the graphics, I was a little skeptical back a few months ago when the first (and only) trailer hit the internet. It looked a lot like ps2 graphics. Well it looks like they definitely listened to the audience and improved the graphics. I’d say it’s much better than Resistance Burning Skies, and could easily stand up to vita launch titles ie) Uncharted.
How well does the control scheme work? Are there any instances where the game forces you to use the touch or motion controls?
I’m already used to the controls. The touch pad (front) must be used to throw a grenade or flash grenade (remember Resistance Burning Skies?) but it somehow feels better in this game, just touch and drag. The rear pad is used to slow breathing and steady yourself for sniper shooting. I’ve only used it once though, as i’m not a big fan of the rear pad. It cramps my hands when I have to use it. Other than that, the developers have made a solid control scheme.  I will say that there should be custom mapping for controls, as right now, there’s only default and “southpaw”.
We have no idea how far you are into the campaign yet but as of now how satisfied are you with the story so far? Does it live up to the console counterparts?
I’m at the second last mission. I’m only playing on normal difficulty at the moment. I’m satisfied with the gameplay, however i’d say that the missions could be longer. They remind me of Unit 13 a bit. I’m sure that on hardened or veteran modes the missions would be much longer. There are a few timed missions that forces you to get the job done, and those missions are pretty short. I’d have to say that the console version of the game has a better single player story line. As the developer said, the focus will be on multiplayer, and I think that’s what they aimed to do that by giving the player only 10 missions for story mode. There’s also HOSTILES which is quite fun, and Time Trials which I’ve only tried once.
Have you tried the online multiplayer mode yet and if so what did you think of it?
Loving multiplayer so far. It’s an amazing experience with no lag for me (yet) and hopefully never. They’ve cut the maps in half it seems, but you can’t notice it with 4 vs 4 (unless of course you’re playing Nukehouse).  To me, Nukehouse shouldn’t have been cut in half. There is one house and you can’t move past the truck in the middle. It’s a very tight map, fast paced and you’d better be prepared for respawning right next to the enemy. It’s crazy that they cut that map!

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