Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation Save Corruption Bug Reported

Some Assassin's Creed PS Vita players have been losing all there save data, more details inside..........

The bug - which reportedly exists in the latest patched version of the Vita game - sees the title failing to load saves properly. In some instances, as you can see in the video below (via Pocket Gamer), protagonist Aveline simply becomes stuck in the Animus loading screen.

Some users have speculated that the crash may be due to a specific costume worn whilst saving the game.

One Ubisoft UK forum manager told affected players: "I have passed on the info about outfits - it's vital people contact ubisoft support as well though - they need to be made aware of what happens to recreate the bug and the amount of players it's affecting - that way they can push the issue up the chain."

Let us know if you have been a victim of the bug in the comments below!


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