Sony: "Judging PS Vita Before Christmas Is Preposterous"

PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara tells us why he thinks the PS Vita will have a great christmas, more details inside........

Fergal Gara admits that PS Vita had a dry summer but sales will pick up during Christmas time:
"We'd love for us to be further on," Gara told the magazine. "And the release schedule for Vita was rather like the release schedule for the industry this year, in that it did dry up during the summer. We had that incredible summer of sport and very little focus on gaming.
"But the great news is that we have got the content in place. We have got the cash to invest in terms of marketing and retail to really ignite it this Christmas. To start judging a console before it has had its first Christmas is preposterous, really. And we are giving it everything we have got."

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