Shuhei Yoshida Reveals How Sony Develops The Same Game For PS3 and PS Vita

Shuhei Yoshida talks about PS Vita and PS3 game development, more details inside...........

What is the process for developing a game that is to be released on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita? Are they separate teams?

We do not have a set process. Some of the games we start as a PS3 title and add in a Vita [version] during development. Some other projects are started as Vita titles and a PS3 [version] is added later. For newer titles, we start both from the beginning. It's different for every title.The performance is quite similar [for PS3 and Vita] unless you're making something like Uncharted or The Last Of Us, which take every bit of [hardware] performance available. The Vita's smaller screen size allows developers to economize on textures and the level of detail so that it can be played on the Vita. Plus sharing the core gaming engine makes it really easy for developers to enable cross-platform play.

What's the development time like for the average Vita game? How does it compare to developing for the PlayStation?

It's about the same time. Moving one title from PS3 to Vita, depending on the title, takes a couple of months. The additional cost and time involved in having two [versions] is not really that significant because of the similarity of the systems.

Are they different teams that work on each version of the same game?

The idea is that the same developer works on both [versions]. They have the perfect control. But when the developer of, say, the PS3 version does not have any more resources available to do the Vita version, we help find the team that are more specialized in making games for the Vita.For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, it's SuperBot Entertainment that's making the PS3 version and Bluepoint Games is doing the Vita version. Because it's a fighting game, and because control and responsiveness is crucial—especially when you want cross-platform play—[both teams] work very closely together.

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