A Mega Man Game May Come To PS Vita

Some new information highly suggests that a cancelled PSP Mega Man game might be making an appearance on the PS Vita, more details inside..........

Capcom once worked on a PSP game called "Mega Man Powered Up" but due to technical issues the PSN title was never released to the public.

However a member on Capcom's forums inquired about the chances of seeing the game return, and a Capcom employee replied with:
"Funny you should ask as I just raised this in our digital sales meeting on Monday. I have in my possession, the two rejection letters from SCEE and SCEA about the digital versions of the game Sony made hanging at the title screen on PSP back in some older version of the firmware. With Vita out and several PSP firmware revisions since then, we're going to reengage with Sony again and see if anything has changed.  No promises as it's not in our hands. :/"
Let us know if you want a Mega Man game on the PS Vita in the comments below!


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