July 19, 2012

"Major PS Vita titles will be announced soon" - Sony

Sony has addressed the recent PS Vita dry spell and confirms another PS Vita game heaven, more details inside........

Pulled from an interview by Famitsu, Andriasang reports that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano has confirmed that another Vita Game Heaven event will take place soon. The last Game Heaven brought about the reveal of Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star Online 2, but that was way back in March. Now, we're left wondering: what does Sony have up its sleeve for the next one?

Apparently, good stuff. Kawano is reported to have said that major titles will be announced, but he didn't want to reveal any more than that. Furthermore, Kawano says that September's Tokyo Game Show will be a place of great focus for PS Vita, which I couldn't be more excited for after the portable's rather lukewarm E3 showing.

Let us know what games Sony has up their sleeves in the comments below!



gigantor21 said...

Sounds good to me.

that_sterlin_kid said...

If one of them aren't Monster Hunter, there's no "Major". Does Sony not realize that a Monster Hunter game for the Vita (especially in JP) would raise console sales ridiculously? 

Alan Aj Carvell said...

I saw a clip of an augmented reality game ages ago where you get to disect an alien, what's happening with that? I'd download it

Majed M. Aljarman said...

Another game heaven, why aren't the 50+ games coming this year enough ?

Games that include : P4G, StreetfighterXtekken, FIFA13, RetroCityRampage, Gucamalee, NFSMostWanted, SoulSacrifice, PlaystationAllStars, SlyCooper, COD : Blackops and Assassin's Creed 3 : Liberation.

ziggley.pop said...

Vita needs
ratchet and clank
grand theft auto (not psp port)
dust 514
and black ops declassified needs zombies

waiting for
little big planet
final fantasy x remaster
and info

Gforce said...

They need a decent Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, a Grand Theft Auto that isnt a port, Killzone, these games are very do-able

but a game I would love to see is a proper Metal Gear Solid, or Resident Evil

But most of all Sony need to unlock the remote play for PS3 games, because without it the Vita is just an expensive PSP with a better screen!

Barrett50callum said...

Because the vita is selling one fifth the 3ds because it doesn't have games exclusive to the system

Andycook44 said...

I want a Mega Man X game!

frenchboy98 said...

as ive said before
vita needs...
GTA vita
infamous vita
Gran turismo vita
killzone vita
megaman vita
last of us vita
borderlands vita
god of war vita
lbp karting vita
resident evil vita
monster hunter vita
nba 2k vita
dragons crown
warriors lair (ruin)
twisted metal vita
bioshock vita

the list goes on...
pick it up sony

B Fizzle said...


Restricted2 said...

Hopefully they announce an actual release date for ffx remaster. I would also like to hear about an upcoming resident evil, gran turismo, a new metal gear, ufc, an eventual port of tomb raider as well as the last of us would be epic.
Games I am waiting for include ACL, Madden 12.5, NFSMW, SFXT, and Ragnarok.

Me said...

Grand theft auto

Left 4 dead

Cute_robinflores said...

Final Fantasy game vita
Resident Evil ( vita )
Valkyrie Profile vita

They should make good game for this console!

Dont give us a psp downloadable!
We need new game!!!
Exclusive for vita
Show us what vita can do!!!!!

Giorgijaparidze90 said...

plz someone answer isn't tekken tag tournament 2 comming to vita???

Barrett50callum said...

Infamous vita, dead space vita

Guest said...

finally some1 mentioned Final Fntasy games, thank u sir !!! yes i agree with u, we need/want FF games , kindom hearts, resident evil!!!  no more sports games plz !!!! im tired of that shit

Gksony said...

Namco will bring TT2 later next year

Adam said...


Enigma said...

Good to hear.

Hitman_stephen said...

Anyone know when the next DATES are for the upcoming events, like E3 but obviously not that  :)

Yo said...

Grand theft auto any of them hopefully IV or sandreas

And left 4 dead I live both them games

Guest said...

Cod4 port !! With vita compabilities !

Apinun1980 said...

gran turismo for vita please 

Rey said...

I hope they show Gameplay or Screenshots or something about FFX HD! And a KH game for Vita! Like KH Birth by Sleep 2! (A guy can dream right?)

mjmb said...

 they do but if the developer isnt on board, tjere's nothing they can do

yep said...

Devil May Cry Vita

Anonymous said...

Gta will be confirmd!!

donny said...

anouncing another game heaven while most of the games of the last game heaven haven't even come out yet??
i don't see wy i should get exited??

so it it would take only one more year for some other good titles?
WOW!! al my dreams come treu!!

donny said...

maybe a dead space bundle too? would be cool. i have not played them.
it would be a good reason!

donny said...

believe me, it will!i
the chance is there that it will launch simultaneously. or else it would take 2 more months

Kevin said...

We need:
dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 HD
dissidia (not the port)
midnight club (not the port)
gran theft auto
Dbz tenkaichi tag team 2
Bleach heat the soul 8
Naruto (not the port)
Monster hunters
Tekken tag tournament 2
Fairy Tail (not the port)
One Piece
If they do make these games, the developers should make it as if it were to be played on a ps3 or 360. Don't make it like it was done on those PSP games.

Htduy89 said...

may Vita need awsome games but i dont want it look likes Mortal Kombat Vita :(

Jersycurb said...

I agree with you; while extra games is always a good thing we have to appreciate there are already a heap of games out there and those steadily confirmed for release.

The 3DS launched with next-to-nothing an continued a dry spell for almost a year. Not only that, many games confirmed for close to launch release dates took AGES to get out the door.

Looking at you MGS 3D!

Jersycurb said...

Where did you spot that? Sounds groovy indeed. Definately something that could make a novelty feature more 'indepth'

Jersycurb said...

It's a good list- but unfortunely I think a lot of the developers behind those existing titles have confirmed they are not working on the Vita just yet.

Jersycurb said...

Although it is not technically new games news, I think Sony would do well to tap into their PS2 era and begin updating them for Vita/PS3 capability.
Similar to what they are doing with the PS2 trilogy packs being released, it would be great to see all the classics remodeled with upscaled graphics and trophy support, breathing new life into old favorites and allowing a new generation of gamers to appreciate what really glorified the PS2 gaming scene.

Jersycurb said...

By the looks of it Nintendo seem to be hogging the monster slaying, team working, lack-of-camera-control hysteria we know and love.
I think our best bet is to get on board with Soul Sacrifice.

Lickalotapus said...

I would absolutely love te see saints row on the vita. Fun ass game

mjmb said...

 theyre releasing the hd version of X for the vita, its been announced.......i think

mjmb said...

 i could really go for dmc3 on my vita

mjmb said...

most of the games? they only announced 2 (right?). as long as they announce more titles, give us release dates and more information (looking at you black ops 2) then i'll be a happy camper.

guest said...

i want
Skyrim vita
Borderlands vita
deadrising vita
dead island vita
battlefield vita
red dead redemption vita
skate3 vita
dragon age vita
infamous vita
mirrors edge vita
south park vita
family guy vita

Howardmbarker said...

Elder Scrolls

Domiboy7 said...

nfs is coming to vita

Jersycurb said...

Agreed! Whether a spin off or a recreation of one of the earlier Saints Row titles, I think the Vita could do with some open world zaniness.

ubri4ze said...

super robot taisen, god of war, final fantasy x, naruto shippuuden, NBA 2K13, monster hunter 4 I hope one of them can make it...

Jersycurb said...

I think until the Vita is realized as a more hardcore handheld and not an upgraded android device, we will see most developers cautious about producing for the Vita.
Once LBP, AC3 and COD are released I think we will see a greater market for the alarmingly niche console.

Jersycurb said...

I hope so!

Tank said...

They wanna release arkham city for wii u why not try to port it to vita or have rocksteady make a stand alone batman for vita. That is my dream. Arkham city is my favorite video game

bboycraiz said...

How about this,

-Metal Gear Solid Rising,(Looks really fit on vita)-Prototype or Infamous-Battle Field
-Shadow of the Colossus and Ico HD-Monster Hunter 4th portable
-God Eater 2
And this-Watch Dog-GTA V
-Saints Row."Capcom","Ubisoft","Square Enix","Konami","Bandai Namco","EA","Rockstar".............We need more Games for "PSVITA"!more "support" please.Show the world the best handheld device can do.

Geddyisere said...

Erm. I think people are missing the point that no matter how much you believe it is, the Vita is not a CONSOLE. All of the games you wish to be released on Vita simply can't without some sort of sacrifice and if they did you would grade it as a watered down port. Start thinking logically aand get out of dreamworld

Skrimps McJagger said...

All I am saying is, don't flaunt a handheld with those specs, and not expect us to want some if not ALL console hardcore games. Ported with cross play? I prefer that, and things like bringing back MODERN WARFARE 2 or CoD4 would make the Vita tournament savvy :)

frenchboy98 said...

sadly, i agree

Jersycurb said...

Technically speaking the Vita is a console, it is a handheld adaptation of current plug in hardware and the closest in comparison yet.
Also, there is no reason that a Vita cannot produce the same quality and we already have some examples of that- Gravity Rush, Uncharted: GA.
To play your argument would suggest we should all play on PC's, as we all know they can generate the highest quality.

Kaffy said...

Id be happy with some of the great PSN titles playable on Vita, like might and magic : COH or MTG duels of the plain walkers, but i guess i represent an older the average audience.

Pacas_1369 said...

what we need is a brand new style of MEGAMAN not like legend but something more hard core like a first person shooter that would be the way to go

Pacas_1369 said...

if they made a MegaMan game for the vita that would be off the
chain but a first person shooter style

ghostshadow said...

Yaawn come on sony... *jerking motion* stop teasing and give some fucking wares already..

bboycraiz said...

Yes it is,I was hoping for that one.XD

I can't wait to experience it.:D

Shaneybo said...

Come on Sony...Gamescom...show us the goods!

fifautnews.blogspot.com said...

just think of it..... oooh! jizzed in my pants..:/

Saggi_ej87 said...

i want naruto game for vita..

otonieljuarez1313 said...

i want grand theft auto,saints row,dragon ball z,naruto,def jam,and god of war on the

otonieljuarez1313 said...

at least we have the chance have something
some people don't anything

otonieljuarez1313 said...

they should make those games have more playable characters in them

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