Little Big Planet PS Vita "most definitive version of LBP yet" - Sony

Sony developer Tom O'Connor gives us his insight regarding the difference between Little Big Planet PS Vita and Little Big Planet 2, more details inside.........

What are the main differences between LBP on Vita and PS3 besides the unique Vita controls?

There’s a massive list of creative differences. We’ve tried to make things easier to build for one. There are things you could build on LBP on PS3 that were really difficult, but now on the Vita version, we’re giving you new tools to make those once difficult items much easier to build. Then there’s the memoriser tool. That’s a game changer. It allows you to save anywhere you want in whatever game you build. If you wanted to create a 50 hour RPG in LBP Vita, you can. There’s nothing stopping you now. On top of that, you have all the new Vita functionality, like front and rear touch, the cameras and tilt. They all seem like obvious things but you couldn’t do these on PS3. We’ve brought over the best bits of LBP on PS3, some tools from the PSP version and now with all the unique options on Vita, we think LBP Vita is the most definitive version of LBP yet.

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