GTA: Liberty City Stories Playable on PS Vita Next Week

Sony have confirmed that GTA: Liberty City Stories will be playable on PS Vita next week, more details inside...........

An interesting tidbit of news was revealed by The Official PlayStation Blogcast, and it has to do with one of the most commercially successful PlayStation Portable games ever released: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

There are plenty of PSP games incompatible with the PlayStation Vita, and Liberty City Stories is one of them. But no more! When the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday, July 17th, Liberty City Stories will be compatible with your Vita.

While this isn’t an updated version of the game per se, and doesn’t include things like Trophies, you will be able to download the game off of the PS Store directly to your Vita if you’re looking for something to play during what seems to be a perpetual lull in new Vita releases.

Let us know if you will download the game in the comments below!


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