Ubisoft: "It's Too Early To Say PS Vita Won't Be A success"

Ubisoft claims that its far to early to consider PS Vita a failure, more details inside........

Article Taken From IGN:
Ubisoft has faith in PlayStation Vita. After the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation last week at E3, we sat down with Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key to find out why the company is still interested in supporting Sony’s handheld despite its disappointing sales.

“It’s a really good platform and we’ve always liked it,” Key told IGN. “The way it’s designed, it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. It’s got cool features that you can’t get anywhere else. And Assassin’s Creed, we believe, is the right type of game for that system. It’s definitely too early to say that Vita’s not going to be a success.”

Ubisoft had several titles available at Vita’s launch, including Rayman Origins, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Asphalt Injection. While the system hasn’t quite found its footing yet, Key believes that, along with Assassin’s Creed, Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty game could lead to a big holiday season for Vita.

“Assassin’s Creed III is not the only big Vita game coming this holiday, and I think that’s a good thing,” Key said. “We’re actually very happy that there’s another big Vita game coming for Christmas from a competitor because we think that will raise all boats. It’s going to generate a lot of interest in the Vita this holiday season. Sony’s going to be spending a lot of money and resources to make sure that the Vita is there and it’s relevant and it’s doing well.”

As for the system’s future, Key believes that big games are what will help Vita find success, and that Ubisoft can help by bringing its biggest franchises to the handheld.  “We’re happy to support any cool new hardware system out there. Assassin’s Creed is exactly the type of brand that needs to go on there because we need to put our best stuff on that system.”

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