PS Vita Sales Spike With Release Of Persona 4

PS Vita sales have hit a spike with the release of Persona 4 for the PS Vita, full sales record inside.........

The Vita saw its highest weekly Japanese sales total in months last week, off the back of Persona 4: The Golden's launch.

Sony's system sold 34,459 units, up from 13,383 last week, thanks in no small part to Persona 4 entering the software chart at number one, moving 137,076 in its first week. Although Vita passed PlayStation 3 to take second place, it's still a long way off catching 3DS, which sold 61,793 units over the same period.

Here's the full hardware chart, as reported by Andriasang:
3DS: 61,793 (Last week: 64,875)
Vita: 34,459 (13,383)
PlayStation 3: 14,673 (15,593)
PSP: 9740 (10,038)
Wii: 5963 (6029)
PlayStation 2: 1237 (1091)
Xbox 360: 1084 (1001)
DSi XL: 689 (615)
DSi: 380 (383)

Persona 4: The Golden (Atlus, Vita) in general sold over 137,076 copies.

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