June 22, 2012

PS Vita Hub T-Shirt Store Officially Announced!

We at PS Vita Hub are proud to reveal our brand new T-Shirt store! Buy PS Vita T-Shirts from our store now, more details inside.......

Right now no store sells PS Vita T-Shirt designs However now at http://PSVita.spreadshirt.com you can buy various T-Shirts with Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Unit 13, Reistance: Burning Skies designs and more!

So remember to check out http://PSVita.spreadshirt.com for tons of shirts and apparel at great prices.

Also if you have any ideas for T-Shirts you can either message our Facebook page HERE or send pictures to admin@psvitahub.com Every single design will be credited and will be paid for by us.

PS Vita Hub T-Shirt Store

So.....buy some shirts now!

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