Capcom Not Working On Any PS Vita Games?

A customer inquiry seems to confirm that Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and other Capcom titles will not be coming to the PS Vita any time soon, more details inside.........

A customer recently emailed Capcom customer service and asked "what do you have in store for the PS Vita other than Street Fighter X Tekken"

They replied with:
Capcom does plan to support the PS Vita for the long term, but as far as what games will be released in the future, we do not have anything that is currently in development or has been announced. Our only suggestion would be to visit Capcorn Unity regularly as all games are announced and discussed on there. Thank you very much for contacting Capcom Support. CAPCOM Customer Support.
Their response basically confirms that Monster Hunter is not coming to the PS Vita any time soon. Other Capcom titles like Resident Evil will also not be making any sudden appearances on the PS Vita.

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