Soul Sacrifice Might Not Come To The EU/US Market

Keiji Inafune talks about Soul Sacrifice localisation and global plans, more details inside........

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Comcept, and Marvelous AQL have not yet decided upon whether they will localize their new PlayStation Vita action fantasy title Soul Sacrifice, according to Comcept boss Keiji Inafune.

Asked by whether they have plans for overseas PR at E3 this year, Inafune responded:
 “An overseas version hasn’t been decided upon yet,” he said. “Since I’ve habitually talked about ‘global’ plans, naturally I am thinking about bringing how to bring this title overseas as well. From here, I’m communicating back and forth with overseas, including whether or not we can put it on the market.”  
Inafune also touched briefly on downloadable content. Because of this day and age, he said, download content is part of the game. And so it is being planned for Soul Sacrifice.

Are Sony making a mistake by not localising the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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