PS Vita Will Be Receiving Four New Apps

Sony has announced that the PS Vita will be getting four new Apps, more details inside.........

The first App is Travel Bug this App allows the player to create and customise their own insects which will then be sent onto trips around the world.

The second App is Equilibrium in this App the player will have to support their own ecosystem, ensuring a favourable balance, species can be traded by using NEAR.

The third App is Imaginstruments this App is basically a virtual music room where the player can operate multiple instruments using the touchscreen and rear trackpad.

And the final App is T@G this App allows users to create there own graffiti and place it in areas all around the world. Other users will be able to see your graffiti also.

The release date for these App's is currently unknown.

What is your favourite App? Let us know in the comments below!


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