PS Vita Firmware 1.66 Now Available

Sony has removed the bug ridden 1.65 firmware and just released firmware update 1.66, details inside.........

Previously Sony pushed out firmware 1.65 which added some basic features such as:
  • You can now disable the notification alert messages that indicate when friends sign in, messages are received and other activities. To disable these alerts, got to [Settings] > [Sound & Display] > check/uncheck [Notification Alerts]. Additionally, Notification alerts will now display for five seconds instead of three seconds  
  • ‘After 10 Minutes’ has been added as an option in [Power Save Settings] > [Auto Standby]  
  • An arrow will indicate when new activities are available in LiveArea 
  • Caps Lock is now supported by the on-screen keyboard. Simply double-tap the Shift key to enable it

However a few hours later Sony removed the update from PSN as it disabled Ad-Hoc support for a unknown reason update 1.66 is identical to 1.65 but without the Ad-Hoc bug.

Let us know what you want in the next PS Vita update in the comments below!


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