"Its Up To Sony If They Want Angry Birds PS Vita"

Rovio's chief in marketing discusses the possibility of Angry Birds PS Vita, more details inside........

Speaking with Joystiq during SXSW, Vesterbacka said with the “all screens” plan in mind, it’s unsure what to do about Vita “yet.”

“The Vita we haven’t decided what to do about yet, but of course we want to be on all the screens, so let’s see how the Vita does in the market,” he said. “Of course, always when working with these console guys it’s not that we can decide, it’s really if Sony wants to have Angry Birds on Vita.

“It’s more up to them than to us.”

Vesterbacka went on to say the back catalog of Angry Birds is still coming to 3DS and will be released “pretty soon.”

Angry Birds Space is out March 22.

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