Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights For PS Vita Leaked?

One of the biggest online retailers has put up listing for various games including GTA, Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy PS Vita, more details inside...... is a massive online gaming retailer and has listed some unannounced PS Vita titles, perhaps the biggest title to be listed was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Knights for the Playstation Vita, images of the leak are below:

Personally I think that has somehow received fake information, which resulted in them listing the games as another GTA game set in Vice City just does not seem plausible, especially since Rockstar has said that they are trying to steer GTA in another direction.

Also Square Enix confirmed that a Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy X) Is being remaster for the Playstation Vita, and the remaster is still is early development stages.

Also these games could be announced via Sony's upcoming webcast.

let us know what you think of GTA: Vice City Nights in the comments below!


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