What Call of Duty PS Vita Needs To Succeed

Call of Duty for PS Vita was confirmed a while back, however no details have emerged since then. Check out our TOP 5 Call of Duty PS Vita Features List inside........

Let's face it, Call of Duty has been going downhill, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the most balanced and revolutionary online First Person Shooters to ever grace the 7th generation of consoles. Not to mention its hard hitting single player campaign which introduced you to the most iconic characters you'll ever meet.

However Call of Duty has really hit a rock, with the series going bland each gaming lacking the innovation and character Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare held so greatly, not to mention each game was riddled with infamous problems such as lag compensation, care package glitches, overpowered weapons, out of map glitches, grenade launcher spam, Last Stand, shotgun snipers, modded lobbies the list goes on....

Iconic characters like GHOST truly make Call of Duty what it is today
Though the quality of the game has been slipping, sales have been skyrocketing. Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops both managed to sell more than 20 million copies.

Now back to Call of Duty PS Vita. The PS Vita's most loved feature is of course the dual analog sticks, and when you think of dual analog you immediately think of First Person Shooters (ideally Call of Duty) This is why we think that that Call of Duty PS Vita can truly be fantastic IF they follow the list of "How Call of Duty PS Vita Can Succeed below"

1. Don't make it a port
People have been playing Call of Duty for years, nobody wants another old experience pasted onto new hardware, the PS Vita is home to unique features, porting "Black Ops 2" is just a complete waste as whats the point of buying it on the PS Vita if you already have it on your PS3/Xbox. A unique Call of Duty with a different story, separate multiplayer features, a variation in guns and perks would be perfect for the PS Vita.

Rumoured codename for Treyarch's next Call of Duty game

2. Don't let Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer or Treyarch develop it!
Firstly, dont jump to conclusions, we don't think that Treyarch and Infinity Ward are terrible. Both teams are currently hard at work developing their own Call of Duty titles, forcing Treyarch and Infinity Ward to develop Call of Duty for the consoles and the PS Vita would easily result in both teams developing a measly low budget port. We understand that Call of Duty is a massive franchise, but allowing another development team to work on Call of Duty PS Vita could break new ground in terms of portable shooters.

These guys are too busy for Call of Duty PS Vita

3. Make actual use of the PS Vita!
What we mean here is basically this, the PS Vita has features which consoles do not have, such as a touchscreen, a rear trackpad, a camera, motion sensor and 4 core GPU/CPU. All these features must not be wasted. Hideo Kojima (creator of Metal Gear Solid) has already come up with some unique ideas for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game for PS Vita such as "slicing your enemies throat using the rear trackpad" features like this can easily be implemented in a Call of Duty PS Vita game for example: 
  • The Gyro can be used to aim with a sniper rifle
  • To knife somebody you could slide your finger across the rear trackpad
  • Tap on the screen to throw a throwing knife at an enemy 
  • Drawing the path using the touschreen for your stealth bomber
  • Use the gyro to control your AC-130
  • Using the touchscreen to draw your own emblem
  • Tap the Mini-Map to enlarge it, then tap an area you want your team to attack
  • Taking a picture of yourself and putting it on your in game character
  • Voice chat using the PS Vita's built in mic
  • If you get flashed/stunned you could use clear away the effects of the stun using the touchscreen
Knifing using the rear trackpad? Yes Please!

4. Don't completely change the formula
Though previously I mentioned how the game needs to be "unique" it should still incorporate the classic Call of Duty formula such as a variety of Perks and "lone wolf gameplay" however there is nothing wrong with shaking the formula up a bit, new features are welcomed, but series staples must not go away.

Everybody loves Perks, Never get rid of them!

5. Release it around 6 months after the console release!
Releasing the game at the same time as the console versions is just a complete waste, as everybody will be eager to play "Black Ops 2" on their PS3/Xbox. Nobody will be interested in the PS Vita version. Releasing it around 6 months after the console launch, a brand new Call of Duty game will cause the PS Vita to sell millions.

Don't release the game at the same time as the console versions!

I tried my best to cover the key features in this article, but remember that this is just Part 1, later on I will release Part 2 which will include more ideas and features Call of Duty PS Vita needs, im really eager to hear your response, if you have any more ideas let us know in the comment section below!

I worked Really hard on this article, And I would REALLY appreciated it if you took your time to post a comment with your thoughts, I would love to reach at least 30 comments! :)

So then do you have any of your own ideas? What do you think Call of Duty PS Vita needs to succeed? Give us your top 5 in the comments below!

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