Sony VP: Mobile gamers miss the premium experience"

Scott Rohde, Sony's senior vice president of its Worldwide Studios Organization tells the public how the PS Vita is the premium portable experience, more details inside......

In a interview with Gamasutra Scott Rohde talks about how smartphone gamers miss the premium experience.

People have a new way of looking at things than they did in the past. You could be pretty assured with the PSP that people really just thought about, "I stick a game in; I get my gameplay out of it." It's not like that anymore.  

SR: I hear what you're saying. I think that the entire industry, across all platforms -- including the iOS phones and tablets -- I think that absolutely there's a lot of people out there kind of wondering what their gaming experience will be like.

And are they happy with the mobile experience? Are they missing that premium portable experience? Do they want a hybrid between the two? And that's something I think that the Vita is poised to offer, that other machines can't offer. You can get the more simple experiences even with some older downloads, or you can get these super-premium, connected, high-end experiences. And I think that that's a nice place to be in.

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