Sony VP: "iPad is absolutely gathering dust"

Scott Rohde, Sony's senior vice president of its Worldwide Studios organization tells the public what he thinks of PS Vita's competition, more details inside......

When Scott Rohde was asked if the iPad 3 rumours concern him as eventually in a few years iPad will match the PS Vita's graphical capabilites, he had this to say:

SR: Well, I don't think it concerns me at all. And you have to understand, like I said earlier, I'm a fan of all these devices. I really honestly am. I'm an iPad owner, and that's not something that I'm ashamed to admit, of course.

And I'm also telling you that as soon as I got my launch edition of the PlayStation Vita, that iPad is absolutely gathering dust.And why? It's because there's a totally different kind of premium experience that I can have on my Vita.

My iPad is now relegated to a handful of emails here and there, and when I want a gaming experience I am going to pick up my Vita, so it doesn't concern me if the iPad has more horsepower or something along those lines, because the PlayStation Vita is specifically built with gamers in mind, and the iPad is not. It's a multifunctional device.So there's a place for both of these devices in our world, and I firmly believe that is true.

Let us know what you think of the iPad eventually matching PS Vita's graphical capabilities in the comments below!


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