Final Fantasy X HD Is A Remaster Not A Remake

During an interview at Taipei Game Show, Square-Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto revealed some details for Final Fantasy X HD........

As a result of Final Fantasy X's tenth anniversary Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy X will be coming to the PS3 and the PS Vita, however what they did not confirm is whether it will be a full fledged remake or just a remaster.

Now Square Enix has confirmed that the game is just a HD remaster.

If you are unaware what the difference is between a remake and a resmaster, fear not I shall explain. Basically a remake is when a game is redone from start to finish, using new textures, new models, new sound and completely new visuals i.e Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, see below:

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

As you can see there is a massive improvement, the entire game looks completely different, however HD remasters are not as visually impressive as remakes, a HD remaster just upscales old games to HD, making it ideal for HD TV's and reuducing the amount of jagged edges, see Metal Gear Solid HD below:

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Back to Final Fantasy X HD, so during an interview Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be a remaster of the 10 year old PS2 classic (just like Metal Gear Solid HD)

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