Call of Duty PS Vita Release Date Revealed

Sony reveal Call of Duty PS Vita's release window, and describe the game as "An Absolute Game Changer"........

Not a single drop of Call of Duty PS Vita information been announced since the reveal of the "NGP" however in an interview with GameTrailers, newly-appointed SVP of PlayStation Brand marketing Guy Longworth dropped word that the title is in development.  Longworth reckons the title will be an “absolute game-changer” for the portable. It’s on for a fall release, though no further details were spared

So that means Call of Duty PS Vita will be titled Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified. Since A new Call of Duty releases annually around November time.

Full video interview is below: Skip to 3:55 to hear him discuss Call of Duty PS Vita

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