Brand New PS Vita TV Commercial Revealed

Sony's PS Vita ad campaign gets even weirder with this brand new "world is in play" commercial, video inside........

The commercial seems to focus more on gaming in general than the actual PS Vita, personally I think that Sony are not advertising the PS Vita correctly, instead of some weird marketing techniques why not just show a plain and simple trailer showcasing the PS Vita's features and games. People will be amazed to see games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss running on a handheld. And why not show Little Deviants rear trackpad controls?

Update: After watching it a few times I can say that the commercial actually is not that bad, my guess is that it represents some of the launch titles. For example you can see somebody in a jungle like location like Uncharted, a football player like Fifa, and somebody talking about changing the future, similar to WipEout 2048. Plus the actors talk about the world being a playground, symbolising how the PS Vita is fully portable? So the trailers not all bad.

Let us know your ideas for PS Vita commercials in the comments below!

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