3rd Party Developers Switching From PS Vita To 3DS?

Respected Japanese newspaper The Nikkei is claiming that a large amount of PS Vita developers have been cancelling there projects and switching to 3DS development........

The PS Vita it currently home to a large amount of 3rd party support, this includes games such as Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and much more.

However Japanese newspaper The Nikkei posted a story written by Kiyoshi Shin, former head of Japan's IGDA branch, an unnamed source from the Japanese game industry says that "Major Japanese companies are canceling all projects intended for the Vita and are changing development to the 3DS."

This sparked a huge amount of controversy and eventually Sony stepped in and said:

"many, many” third-party developers are working on titles for the system in the foreseeable future.

Now its time for my input, personally I think that this is not true at all. Firstly the source is not really reliable as a single developer from the Japanese games industry does not speak for the entire industry. That certain developer most likely works for a studio which has switched from PS Vita to 3DS, maybe for the bigger potential market.

The PS Vita's wide array of 3rd Party Support 

Also developers now days are horsepower junkies. Modern day development teams cannot resist a handheld which is capable of quad core gaming. Console games are also easily ported, resulting in more potential 3rd party support.

However the reason why some developers may switch to the 3DS (a small amount) are the ones who prefer a much larger market, as the 3DS is currently dominated worldwide. And the 3D capabilities also must be a huge decision maker.

Let us know what you think of development teams switching to the 3DS in the comments below!


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