Sony - "PS Vita Launch Needed Monster Hunter"

Sony explains why the PS Vita suffered from a mediocre launch, and hints highly at the possibility of Monster Hunter PS Vita, details inside.......

CEO of PlayStation France in a recent interview explained why the PS Vita suffered from a bad launch, and why they are not worried:

Philippe Cardon - “There were so many reservations that it all started in the early days. Sales following may seem disappointing, but they are not. We must put things into perspective and stay calm. The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the typology of the Japanese public. It lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, scheduled for the coming months. Had he been there right out in Japan, the story would have been different. The adequacy game console at launch will be the European better than it was for Japan.”

Personally I agree with Philippe as Japan are not really interested in games like Uncharted, on the flip side Uncharted in US/EU is considered a massive AAA title, Japanese sales will definitely not be reflective of US/EU sales.

What game do you think the make the PS Vita sell fantastically? Is it COD PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below!


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