Sony Conducts PS Vita Surveys, Are They Scared?

Sony seem anxious about the PS Vita launch in Europe and US, check out what they are asking loyal Sony fans, survey inside.....

With the PS Vita's European and US launch only a month away (ive had it for almost 2 months, jealous much?) Sony seem very anxious about how well the PS Vita will do, seeing as sales have not been so great in Japan.

Registered members of Sony's online community have been receiving emails with the question;

Which PS Vita model do you intend on buying? Wi-Fi Model, Wi-Fi and 3G Model, Neither

It is unclear weather the results will  be published, but we are positive this is clear evidence that Sony are worried about the PS Vita in US/EU.

Personally I think the PS Vita in US/EU will do just fine, it won't do phenomenally well, but it will suffice a positive attitude from Sony. PS Vita sales will really pick up once blockbuster titles are released such as Call of Duty PS Vita and a supposed Monster Hunter title.

Will the PS Vita do great in EU/US? Or will is suffer from terrible sales? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!


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