Shuhei Yoshida Talks Peace Walker HD On PS Vita

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection is coming to the PS Vita, Shuhei Yoshida gives his thoughts.....

Hideo Kojima announced that MGS:2 and MGS: 3 will be coming to the PS Vita, however it will not include Peace Walker, the main reason is so it forces PS Vita owners to buy the game separately via the PSN Store. Thus more profit for Konami.

Yoshida the current Sony President had this to say regarding Peace Walker on PS Vita:
As far as I know, they are not remaking Peace Walker for PS Vita. They are remaking MGS 2&3 for PS Vita. You can still play Peace Walker the PSP version on PS Vita. With dual analog control and 5 inch OLED, it's much greater experience.
I am actually very frustrated at the fact that the PS Vita MGS: HD Collection does not include Peace Walker, as PS Vita owners are paying a much higher price for the collection which does not even include all the games. By the time MGS: HD releases for PS Vita MGS:HD on PS3 and Xbox will cost around £15 as it will be cheaper come late 2012.

Let us know your opinion on Konami being cheap in the comments below!

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