Retailers Cutting PS Vita Price Already

Some Japanese retailers have reportedly cut the PS Vita price already, click to find out how much......

The PS Vita has had a very rocky launch as low sales figures and frequent issues plagued the device, the PS Vita was even outsold by the PSP during its second week. So many are predicting price cuts.

However now some Japanese retailers are cutting the price by over 20% remember that this does not mean Sony are considering a price drop, some retailers are cutting the price to get a few extra sales (though their profit margin will be razor thin)

Prices reportedly went from ¥29,980 down to ¥24,999.

Yes the sales are not very good, however personally im getting sick of all this talk of bad sales and imminent price drops, the PS Vita has yet to release in EU and US both regions which have better economy and are already huge fans of the launch titles, Japanese gamers are not interested in Uncharted however US gamers cant get enough of it.

Once the PS Vita launches worldwide, sales will be good enough to pull Sony out of the sand.

Time for a price drop? let us know in the comments below!


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