PS Vita Games Not Cheaper Via The PSN Store?

A leaked image suggests that PS Vita games will not be cheaper via the PSN store in Europe, more details inside.......

Sony previously promised that PS Vita games will be 'slightly' cheaper when downloaded via the PSN store due to the lack of printing and shipping etc. However the image below claims otherwise.

Currently the PS Vita European store is only available to a select number of Beta Testers, however one of the testers leaked the image above, the image reveals Michael Jackson The Experience available for download for €29,99 which is the same price as European retail stores.

Unfortunately this could mean downloading games via the PSN store will not be cheaper, even though it was promised. However the image could be fake, but it does seem quite realistic seeing as software sales should make up for lacklustre hardware sales.

Currently on my PS Vita downloading games via the Japanese store are just as expensive as Japanese retailers.

Are you disappointed by the news? Let us know if you were planning on downloading games via the PSN store in the comments below!


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