PS Vita Demos Units Arriving In Stores Worldwide

Demo PS Vita units will be available to test at your local gaming stores across the US and UK, more details inside

If your not sure weather to buy a PS Vita yet, demo units will be available at all Game and GameStation stores in the UK (and Europe)

Managing director of Sony UK Fergal Gara;

“PlayStation Vita is an amazing piece of technology – but the very best way to make people realise this, is by putting it in their hands. The beauty and clarity of the 5 inch OLED screen, the ergonomic design with the dual analogue joysticks, the interaction of the rear touch panel, all come emphatically to life.”
“With our own Vita Rooms and now, with this opportunity for consumers to sample PS Vita in any of GAME or Gamestation’s 600 specialist retail stores, the excitement can only continue to build.”

Sony have also confirmed that PS Vita's will also be available for US GameStop stores, currently no exact details are available. But your local GameStop should have a PS Vita for you to test out within the next week.

Currently though nothing has been officially confirmed for regions such as the rest of Europe and all of America, your nearest gaming store should have a demo unit.

Update: One of our members loyal "Rede" is a GameStop employee in New Mexico and his manger has informed him that they will be receiving live demo units.

Will you be testing the PS Vita out? Or is your mind already set on buying one? Let us know in the comments below!


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