PS Vita "Could Become Thinner In The Future"

PS Vita (and Sony Walkman) designer Takashi Sogabe has told CVG that he'd like to make future PS Vita iterations thinner than the launch model.

Speaking in a round-table interview at Sony Computer Entertainment's Japanese HQ last month, Sogabe, who runs the Corporate Design Centre, also said he'd wanted to use metal rather than plastic materials when developing the system.

"Speaking not only about the PS Vita, we always have a battle between engineers and designers. The original design of the PS Vita, for example, was very much thinner than the current retail product," he said.

"From a designer's point of view, thinner is better-looking, but the engineers wanted to put all the features in.  "Maybe it will become thinner in the future, but the engineers would have to come up with a means to do that.

The first ever Sony Walkman
The main effort for me was to make this product happen. The buttons and analogue sticks were perhaps not in the best position from a design point of view, but we felt they were the best solution from a publisher's point of view.

"As a designer, I wanted to use metal rather than plastic," he added, "but because there are a lot of antennae in the body, we couldn't use metal."

You can read the full interview with Sogabe here, in which he also discusses the challenges involved in designing Vita's dual analogue sticks.

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Article courtesy of CVG:

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