January 05, 2012

PS Vita Camera Quality Test

The guys over at IGN have taken some comparison pictures using the PS Vita's rear camera, check out the pictures inside.......

IGN Writes:

Cameras are a staple feature of the PS Vita, enabling it to take photos, detect motion and play augmented reality games. But we wanted to know how the device's rear-facing camera stacked up against other devices, including competing handhelds, smartphones and tablets, so we propped up our friend Pikachu and found out.

PS Vita vs. iPhone 4S
First on our list was the iPhone 4S, which features what is commonly regarded as the best camera of any mobile device. As you might expect, Apple's 8-megapixel camera trumps Sony's meager 640x480 offering. The iPhone 4S produces a better depth of field, richer, more natural colors and more detail, whereas the PS Vita appears washed out and grainy. Of course, the iPhone 4S (unsubsidized) is a significantly more complex and expensive device, featuring a retina display, 3G connectivity, etc. and starting at $649 for the base model.
PS Vita vs. iPad 2
The iPad 2 is hardly known for outstanding picture quality, but its 960x720 photos surpass the PS Vita's. Like the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2 produces more detailed pictures with richer colors, albeit a bit grainier.
PS Vita vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Tab also outperforms the Vita, producing 2048x1536 images.
PS Vita vs. iPhone 3G
One of the more interesting tests was with the iPhone 3G, which is nearly four years old with a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera. Though a far cry from the quality provided by the iPhone 4S, the 3G is still better than the Vita.
PS Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS
But, of course, the big question is how the PS Vita compares to its closest competitor -- the Nintendo 3DS. In terms of resolution, the devices have near-identical specs and results are similarly grainy and out of focus. However, Nintendo's camera produces better colour.
So then will you be taking pictures using the camera? Or do you want to play games on your PS Vita and not be a professional photographer using it? Let us know in the comments below!

Article courtesy of IGN:


Icytyphoon13 said...

I love Pokemon :) anyways I don't really mind about cameras (I have a DSi, a PS Eye and a Samsung Galaxy mini) so I'll sticks to games.

kiyu727 said...

Wow, so by the first pic you can see that the Vita performs bad when faced into the light source so just use the bad pic over and over again ?

Haakon r j said...

well i seen a comparison vs 3ds before ,but then on the 3ds and vita live and then the pictures on the 3ds are the worst

Snake said...

Your right about the light source thing, as in the PS Vita's picture you can see a bright light shining into the lens, however the detail is still lacking...

charmi said...

I always knew that the PS Vita camera would not take the greatest pictures.
But i didn't know that the folks at IGN don't know how to conduct a proper comparison.

Only the iPhone4s and iPhone 3G pics are worthy comparisons.
On the rest of them, the focal distance and angle of the focal point has been changed to a top down view, exposing the lense less directly to the light source.

Not that the Vita camera would perform any better under the backlit condition, but at least they would have had a level playing feild, and a REAL comparison could be made.

ViNTaGe said...

ps vita's camera is not really 4 pic taking it is for AR games
and ign's comparison suck they compared a gaming device to a mobile phone
and yeah 3ds has better camera but it is nothing compared to the vita

MrKoopan said...

i hope you're saying that statement while you OWN both systems? are you?

because i like them both about the same, they have the same flaws too :)

Jasraj said...


Snake said...

Not really, the PS Vita picture is in direct sunlight which makes it look kind of bad. And they are both 2MP which makes the cameras exactly the same really. Ill conduct a better test myself in the future...

AlzuKiller said...

PS Vita is better than 3DS at playing  camera is just a little add (for a web chat and some games) BUT remember that both PS Vita and 3DS are just CONSOLES not a cameras!

Someone said...

This test sucks! They compare from different angles and positions. Not fair!

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