Lost Planet PS Vita?

From a tech demo to a website listing, we investigate Lost Planet PS Vita.......

A while back Sony first announced PS Vita (NGP back then) Capcom came on stage and showed us a small tech demo showcasing there infamous development engine "MT Framework" running on the Playstation Vita. To fully showcase the engine a small "Lost Planet" cutscene was shown. Video below

Recently famous importing website "Play-Asia" listed "Lost Planet 2" for the Playstation Vita. Though this could just be a humble mistake as Play-Asia has no connection to Sony (due to it being an independent site rather than a massive retail store such as Amazon), since a tech demo was shown, it is quite logical to suspect Capcom working on an Lost Planet PS Vita. And because the game was not extremely popular its also logical to suspect Lost Planet 1 and 2 remakes exclusively for the PS Vita.

Let us know weather you think Lost Planet is coming to the PS Vita, and have you ever played Lost Planet? Let us know in the comments below!


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