US PS Vita Memory Cards Officially Priced

It seems Sony have been listening to the fans and have revealed the official memory card pricing for the US........

Japanese PS Vita memory cards are very pricey, and since they are a necessity it generally means PS Vita is not 'cheap'

Above are the new prices, around $15 cheaper than expected, however im still confident that UK and Europe will cost £20 instead of $20.

Since Gamestop don't really have any knowledge of Sony's pricing so the previous prices were just direct conversions on the Japanese prices.

UPDATE: Gamestop prices above are slightly cheaper, here are the prices for UK and Europe as well;

  • 4Gb Memory Card – €19.99/£17.99/$26.95 AUD/$34.95 NZD
  • 8Gb Memory Card – €34.99/£31.99/$44.95 AUD/$59.95 NZD
  • 16Gb Memory Card – €49.99/£44.99/$64.95 AUD/$84.95 NZD

Were people complaining for no reason? Let us know in the comments below!


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